Custom Printed Tees For Stag Parties


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For men, marriage is an allegorical ball-and-chain event, something akin to being locked up in prison and the prison guard throwing the key. So, when a man’s friends know he is getting married, the inevitable occasion to mark this life changing event is a stag party.

A stag party is not a party without the peripherals-custom printed t-shirts, sexy treats, and other naughty toys. An unforgettable treat is the Willy And Bum Shorts with fake bum and dong exposed. It was funny as hell and marks the main theme for the stag night.

Funny Farewells Custom Printed On T-Shirts For The Grooms-To-Be

Since he is going to be chained to just one woman for the rest of his life, the groom-to-be is sent a ‘Fare Thee Well’ bonanza by his friends and male relatives. There is a sense of finality, a last celebratory romp before settling down.

That is why most stag party t-shirts are custom printed with images and text that signifies the end of bachelorhood. An example of this is the Stag Night t-shirt that has the words ‘Andy’s Last Night of Freedom Blackpool 2007.’ Another example is ‘Stookie’s Last Stand,’ which marks the place and date of the stag party as Nottingham March 2007.

The groom-to-be’s photo can be included in the t-shirt’s design, aside from the place and date. The photo may be a full or half body shot, or just a head shot with the body drawn like a cartoon.

Custom Printed T-Shirts With Spoofs And Sex Jokes

Some stag parties have printed spoofs and jokes as designs. An example is the spoof of the Durex brand of condoms. The word ‘Dosex’ is used instead of Durex and with the same design as the Durex logo.

Other t-shirts custom printed with spoofs are the ‘Hard C**k’ t-shirt, which looks like the Hard Rock Cafe logo and the’007 Inches’ t-shirt, which looks like the 007 logo with the silhouette of a man holding a gun.

A good example of a custom printed t-shirt made for stag parties is the one printed with ‘Good Bush, Bad Bush’ images. A sketch of a woman’s lower parts covered in skimpy underpants is labeled Good Bush, while a sketch of George Bush is labeled Bad Bush.

Like the custom printed t-shirts for hen parties, the main theme is sex, sex and more sex. Most of the messages on stag party t-shirts are sexy humor, both implicit and explicit.

Custom Printed T-Shirts With Funny Text

Other printed t-shirts for stag parties are not as risque as those printed with sex-charged designs. A simple amusing phrase like ‘WARNING: Men Behaving Badly’ printed in front is good enough for a stag night.

Another one is an outline of a police badge with the acronym FBI printed in large letters above the phrase ‘Female Body Inspectors.’ It is not as explicit as Hard C***, but it can still brings a smile to anyone’s face.

T-shirt printing is easy for hen and stag parties. The custom printed t-shirts usually feature simple vector art and cartoons.